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Reversible Hammer Mill / Crusher crush material in two stages with high speed revolving hammers suspended from a heavy central rotor.
SEPCON hammer Crusher / MILL Consists of :-


Rotor: It consists of forged alloy steel material with discs mounted on it. A number of hammers with separate hammer heads and hammer arms are arranged in sequence around the circumference of the rotor to cover the breaker plate’s height simultaneously along the rotor shaft length.


Breaker Plate: These walls are arranged symmetrically around the rotor and are carried by spindles supported in bearing attached to the top casing. They consist of breaker plate wall supports and bolted wear resistant grinding plates.

Hammer: Unique design consists of a separate beater and beater arm. The beater mode of wear resistant material needs replacement at intervals whereas the beater arm is of forged steel and has very long life.

Drive: Drive is by direct V-belt pulley although variable speed coupling when necessary can be provided.

Heavy Duty Spherical Roller Bearings: We used Heavy Duty Spherical anti-friction bearings.



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