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We are leaders in manufacturing all type of cement plant equipments and machines: following are the machines we are manufacturing : -



Bucket  Elevators are  used to elevate loose bulk  materials through  the use of moving buckets  attached  to chain  or belt, vertically  through  an  enclosed  casing.    The complete unit  consists of following items.

  1. Top Section : It consists of three parts. One is body with material outlet than a` channel frame. Third is cover. Channel section provides seating for drive pulley with pedestal, drive unit (motor, pulley, belt) and tie rod for proper tensioning of belt/chain.

  3. Mid Section : This is basically a hollow casing of standard height. It is used in number as required for a particular height.

  5. Boot Section : This section is consists of casing with material inlet & scooping plate, tensioning device consisting of boot pulley with shaft & bearing housed in casing which is guided in frame work by square guide bar and adjusted by a square threaded screw for proper tensioning of belt/chain. It has inspecting window for check up of material entry & flow.

  7. Buckets : These are fixed/attached to conveying element at a distance depending upon capacity. These buckets scoops the material and carries it up by the movement of conveying element and then discharging the material centrifugally through material outlet provided in the top section.

  9. Conveying Element (Chain / Belt ) : This can be chain or belt as per requirement. They are made endless i.e. both the ends are joined & vulcanized in case of belt & pinned in case of chain.


SEPCON  Belt Conveyor is indispensable for the transport of bulk material. The versatility, dependability and economy of the belt conveyor are demonstrated in transporting a wide variety of material. SEPCON can supply Belt  conveyors of size ranges from  300 TO 2000mm  Width. The adaptation of belt conveyor for special purpose and the integration of belt conveyor with other equipment has increased their usefulness.
The complete unit consists of all types of Idlers/Roller, Idlers Frames, Pulleys, Conveyor Belts, Gear Boxes & Motors, Input & Output Coupling, Internal & External Scrappers, Skirt Boards, Deck Plates, Stringers, Short Support, Hood, VGTU, Safety Switches etc.



A Drag Chain Conveyor is a conveyor in which the open links of chain drag material along the bottom of a hard faced MS or SS trough. It generally have a low bed height and are open type. 

The flights are fixed between two strands of chain, drags the material from feeding end to the discharge end in open or closed trough. These  are available in difference widths and lengths as per the  site requirements  and are also  used for handling slightly sluggish, loose or  lumpy hot material.

Generally these conveyors are easy to install and have very minimum maintenance for the clients.  These are available in different  widths and lengths as per the clients/site requirements.   These conveyors are dust proof,   low noise and sealed design.


These are most commonly for transporting /feeding fine material.   SEPCON can supply screw conveyors of size ranges from 150 TO 1500mm  diameter screw flights with suitable length.  We also supply inclined Screw Conveyors.

We have developed  special design of Screw  Conveyor / Feeder without hanger bearing for length of about 15 meters  maximum, depending on the size of screw.  We regularly supply such Screw Conveyors without Hanger bearings to several customers.  

SEPCON  Screw Conveyor is of simple design, easy to maintain, of small width, permits intermediate discharge of the material at several points.  They can be used for the horizontal as well as for the ascending conveying (approx. 20 deg.).  Because of design  simplicity  permits  fabrication  from a  wide variety of  material to  resist heat, Corrosion or abrasion. It is adopted easily to dust tight construction.

They  are  supplied  in a  assembled form  except drive unit, chain,  sprockets which is send separately. At  site the unit  is  placed and drive  unit and  gearbox attached with the help of coupling.









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