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Material Handling Equipments


Bucket Elevators are used to elevate loose bulk  materials through the use of moving buckets attached to chain or belt, vertically through an enclosed casing. The complete unit consists of following items.

  1. Top Section : It consists of three parts. One is body with material outlet than a` channel frame. Third is cover. Channel section provides seating for drive pulley with pedestal, drive unit (motor, pulley, belt) and tie rod for proper tensioning of belt/chain.

  3. Mid Section : This is basically a hollow casing of standard height. It is used in number as required for a particular height.

  5. Boot Section : This section is consists of casing with material inlet & scooping plate, tensioning device consisting of boot pulley with shaft & bearing housed in casing which is guided in frame work by square guide bar and adjusted by a square threaded screw for proper tensioning of belt/chain. It has inspecting window for check up of material entry & flow.

  7. Buckets : These are fixed/attached to conveying element at a distance depending upon capacity. These buckets scoops the material and carries it up by the movement of conveying element and then discharging the material centrifugally through material outlet provided in the top section.

  9. Conveying Element (Chain / Belt ) : This can be chain or belt as per requirement. They are made endless i.e. both the ends are joined & vulcanized in case of belt & pinned in case of chain.


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