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Material Handling Equipments


Pneumatic Conveying System for Fly Ash / Cement: SEPCON Specialized designs of Pneumatic Conveying Systems for all dry materials like Fly Ash and Cement . They have high degree of flexibility, required low space & low maintenance & also weatherproof operation . We manufactured Pneumatic Conveying Systems using high grade raw material and serves as the most versatile and speedy method of transferring bulk material within a defined are.


The selection of the method depends on the type of material, its characteristics, distance involved and environmental attributes. Pneumatic Conveying System is more practical & economical method of transporting solid from one location to another than the mechanical conveying.
Some of the major equipments used in Pneumatic Conveying System :-

We have in-house Design, Fabrication, Component / Equipment manufacturing, Erection & Commissioning and other engineering facilities, which helps us to grown into one of the satisfied Cement & Bulk Material Handing Company.

  • Unloading Station
  • Roots Blower
  • Rotary Air Lock
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Storage Silo /Hoppers
  • Pipings with Section Bends
  • Dome Valve
  • Quick Release Coupling
  • Solenoid Valves & Coils
  • Vent Filter/ Dust Collector
  • Compressor etc.
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